How to Work in Australia

Australia is a popular country for job seekers across the world to seek work in. Before you apply its best to do plenty of research to ensure you are able to apply and get the right professional development. There is strict rules on overseas job seekers that must be adhered to.

Why work in Australia

Australia is a fast growing country with one of the worlds strongest economies. This means there are plenty of excellent career opportunities. Also the working conditions in Australia means you are always covered with awards and workers rights.

As Australia has a high standard of living, meaning good wage growth. This also means you may find some living expenses cost more than you expect. It is very important that you go over your budget and make sure that living and working in Australia makes financial sense. Look at things like the cost of living in the city you would like to work in and what the average salary is for a role in your profession.

How to Apply to Work in Australia

You must meet Australian government conditions placed on foreign nationals wanting to work and live in Australia. The Visa you apply for will depend on your particular skill set and if you are going to apply to work permanently or temporarily in Australia. And if you are employee sponsored.

Check out the Governments ‘Working in Australia’ website for all the up to date info on types of visa’s and conditions. The site will also have all the forms needed for application.

Recognised Qualifications

Applicants with experience in engineering and fabrication, mining and resources, civil and construction, Office and Admin are highly sought after in Australia. Especially in Perth and Sydney. Companies welcome employees with overseas work experience. Bringing with them knowledge and perspective of a global outlook. Your qualifications earned overseas are mostly recognised in Australia which can make your skill set easily transferable. Check to see if your Visa needs you to undertake a formal assessment as part of your Visa application.

Australian Skilled Visa

Do your research on your skills and experience, it may be that your particular skill-set is highly sought after by Australian Employers. The first thing thing you need to do is work out whether your skills are appropriate and eligible for an Australian work visa. Remember its all up to your visa conditions on whether you are able to work in Australia. Take a look at https://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/
This allows you to apply for a skilled visa, nominate for a skilled visa or have an employer nominate you for a skilled visa. The Australian Government can also invite you to apply for a skilled visa.

How to find a job in Australia

You do not need to wait until you arrive in Australia to search for jobs. Its best to start applying for positions now. As soon as you come to Australia apply to a Tax File Number. This entitles you to government work benefits. But you can only be issued a TFN once you are in Australia. You will need a passport or travel document number and a postal address to apply.

Mass Recruitment have an extensive network in Perth and Sydney, we have large corporations and top companies on our books. We provide you with plenty of job opportunities both temporary and permanent that you can apply for.
Finding the right job opportunity in Australia can provide your career with great financial and personal growth. If you plan on returning after working in Australia then you will also bring back excellent expertise to further your career in your home country.

See some of the current jobs have listed

  • Structural Engineers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Project Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Team leaders
  • Industry Executives