In 2012 Charles Masserella, (our Founder), was working in remote WA, with a local business, and realised that providers of manpower in Australia are very one dimensional. He heard many complaints from the community about dissatisfaction and not feeling valued. Additionally, he quickly realised that in remote locations especially, the workforce required many components of the delivery model to be fixed to ensure safety, and expertise in those locations. There is so much more to delivery of a project than just manpower.

Right there and then Mass was born.

The journey has been exciting, and not without some speed bumps, but comforting to know that we are unique in this market. We have no outside shareholders. Just Charles as the MD & our CEO. This allows us to be nimble and react quickly to the ever changing needs of Australia’s resource sectors.

Now in 2019 we have a robust national business model to ensure we deliver a fully Serviced solution to our customers, which guarantee’s every part of the project cycle is catered for. Locations in Perth and Sydney, with Mass staff on site at all remote locations in VIC, QLD, NT, NSW and WA. Currently (Aug 2018), we have a contractor workforce of 500, with an internal team of 28. These numbers are growing by the day.

Our new CEO, Michaella Rogers was hired, along with specialist teams for HR/IR, mobilisation and operations, compliance, HSE specialists, and dedicated on site staff. This ensures the day to day management of these large teams are on site, on time, fully inducted, and are coordinated by Mass. Removing all noise to our clients.