25 years Recruitment tenure, and during the last 12 I have specialised in the Resource/Energy sectors within Australasia.

Workforce management & project delivery are the key to delivering services in 2018.

My diverse & lengthy career enables me to be the strategic thinker that our industry demands for the 21st century.

Our clients & our candidates require unique solutions so its vital to be a specialist in every facet of our complex world of Recruitment models. Problem solving and delivering the solution at the right price point is still my primary focus .
This exciting & dynamic world of work still motivates me like it did in the 90’s, ( yes 90’s). My passion is as strong today as is was when I entered the market in the UK in 1995.
I believe that ‘Our People’ are our organisations collateral, and without highly engaged & motivated employees our business’s can not achieve sustainable growth.

Charlie Massarella

Founder & MD

I moved to this amazing country 5 years ago after spending many years in business from my home town of Sheffield in the UK. A proud Man United supporter, don’t hold that against me. Graduated at Newcastle university in Business Management

As I reflect back on my business in Australia, I recognise that as a country that is rich in resources, we need to ensure we secure our future for the cyclical nature of our economy. It seems that we have a long history of boom v bust, and it comes around very quickly. Shoring up our organisations and developing our teams are vital in riding out these repetitive events.

Recruitment is about people, people require respect, and respect comes only from the behaviours we demonstrate as leaders. One of my favourite quotes is;

I’m not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep: I’m afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion – Alexander the Great

I look forward to my next chapter of business at Mass, as we navigate our dynamic team to the next phase of Australia’s journey.