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At the end of each quarter, we award our top performers with recognition, appreciation, and a $250 voucher of their choice, because, here at Mass, we place a high importance on celebrating our employees and their incredible achievements. As part of the celebrations, we’re putting the spotlight on the winners to share their accomplishments – because they deserve to be recognized!

Starting with Samantha Chong, who was recently promoted to the Team Lead of Mining and earnt herself the ‘Best Performing Recruiter’ award. Her hard work, determination and perseverance paid off last quarter, as she successfully placed over 50 candidates! Samantha is a valuable member of the team and we can’t wait to see what her future at Mass looks like.

Congrats on the win, Samantha! How do you feel?

I’m so excited to win this award! I’m so thankful to Mass and my family – both of whom support me so much and have helped me to achieve these results.

You were the highest billing recruiter at Mass for the quarter and each month you hit a new record in personal billings – what did it take to achieve this?

I think my perseverance and determination contributed to me achieving these results and winning this award. I never give up and always push through and keep working hard. I really enjoy what I do and have found recently that all my hard work in communicating regularly with my clients and giving them help and advice has led to them trusting me and giving me more jobs to fill. Also, I find it very important to set short-term and long-term goals to help me to stay focused and achieve results. Goal setting helps me to be so much more productive – and it certainly paid off this quarter!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for people doing a similar role to help them succeed in their role?

Sometimes working with candidates can be stressful and you will occasionally have to deal with people that are difficult, unhappy, or unreliable – you can’t take things too personally, and you must remember that sometimes you can’t control their attitude or mindset. The important thing in this job is Stay strong, be positive and don’t give up! Be yourself, have a good attitude, and remain professional, you also need to accept that it’s not always your fault if things don’t go to plan – do what you can to fix the problem, learn what to avoid or do differently next time and then move on.

What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?

The proudest moment in my career was being promoted to Team Lead for the Mining division which happened at the end of last quarter. I’m still learning new things every day, to ensure I can grow with the company to achieve more goals.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Mass?

I really appreciate the growth opportunities at Mass. If you work hard, you’re recognised and rewarded. There are so many opportunities here, and Mass is very supportive when transitioning into new roles within the company. The people here are so kind and caring, and so supportive. It’s not competitive – we work together to achieve goals which is so important to me. I also love our office environment – it’s an open and comfortable workspace, and it’s a relaxed and enjoyable place to work.

What are you planning on spending your $250 voucher on?

I got a Westfield voucher which I am very excited about! I will be going shopping and buying myself lots of summer clothing!

Congratulations Sam on your results, your promotion, and your award win!

The Mining team is growing and we’re looking for experienced recruiters who want to join Sam and help us to recruit blue collar mining operators for clients across WA. If you’re interested in having a private and confidential discussion about joining Mass please contact Michael Jones, Talent & Training Manager by calling 0447 817 785 or emailing

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