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Itchy feet? Same. The perpetual ‘Groundhog Day’ nature of the last few years has seen many people take the plunge and make drastic changes with their career choices. For some – the decision is easy. For all – getting your CV aligned to where you want to go is just as important as documenting where you’ve been.

You probably wouldn’t wear your Hi-Vis to a white-collar job interview. In the same vein, dressing your CV up appropriately is important when actively pursuing a career or industry change. Changing employers, job type or industry is far more common than it once was, but a hiring manager is going to still be asking hard questions; setting your CV up properly can help you get in front of these and ensure that your work history presents advantageously to a prospective employer.

Aligning your CV with your target profession or industry involves wholesale review – with a focus on transferability. Running a ruler through your resume should be done with a focus on what your ‘key messaging’ is going to be. In this scenario – there is one consideration to retain top of mind. How is your lack of direct experience in a particular new role or industry offset by the experience and expertise that you do have?
Our team of resume writing experts have compiled a quick checklist for those who are actively considering a substantial change to remain mindful of when preparing to enter the market with a refreshed CV.

  • Address the elephant in the room. Be upfront, in both your cover letters, personal statements/individual profile and any initial engagements, as to what is driving you towards a new challenge. Hiring managers and recruitment consultants will be wary of those who are simply ‘casting a wide net’ in a search for work – be specific about what is bringing you to this change in direction and why you are committed to it.
  • Position yourself as bringing in a perspective that more traditional candidates may not have. Your time in a different industry or different positions isn’t dead time – it’s all experience. Breadth of experience can be of value to hiring managers, so focus on how your work history has provided you with benefits that could be of value to an employer that may not always run into them.
  • Transferability matters. Driving a dump truck doesn’t really set you up to take on a CEO role at an accounting firm. Transferable skills are of value to hiring managers – emphasise those skills you have acquired during your work history that are specifically valuable to the role or industry that you are pursuing.
  • This is a sell. Applying for any position is about selling yourself, however applying outside of your wheelhouse is naturally a harder sell. So – what are your strengths, and how are these unique to you because you are coming from a non-traditional background to the talent pool? Use your unique profile as a powerful selling point – standing out is half the battle in the modern job market.
  • Draw focus to the energy in your profile. Changing careers requires drive – it’s the path less travelled and a more challenging road than just staying in your lane. Highlight this by constantly referring to your aspirations, energy, flexible mindset and natural aptitude to be ‘up for the challenge’.

Like all application processes – the better tailored your CV the higher your chances of success. Before taking the knife to those roles and parts of your work history that you believe may not perfectly fit the profile a potential employer is seeking – think about how those elements of your CV provide you with the x-factor that could be the difference with getting your application over the line.

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